These are some of the most common wiring problems in a car

Anyone who has ever seen the wiring looms of cars knows that they can be intricate, to say the least. Depending on the model, the wiring can appear as a spaghetti-like mess that requires an automotive engineering degree to comprehend.

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The electric systems in cars have come a long way. They make driving safer, easier, and in the future, will make driving increasingly automated. These advances, fantastic as they may be, have meant that vehicle electronics are more complex and prone to complications. Below are a selection of common problems and their potential solutions.

Dead battery

If you turn the key and hear nothing, no starter motor or ignition sounds, then the car battery is probably completely dead. You can buy a mains charger to try to rectify this, but in some cases, a completely flat battery will need to be replaced by a mechanic.

If your battery has run flat, it could also indicate a problem with the alternator, hence it does not charge whilst driving.

Problem with the starter motor

If your vehicle makes the usual sound, but the engine doesn’t turn over, then the issue may lie with the starter motor itself. Unfortunately, problems with the starter motor will more than likely require replacement parts and a qualified mechanic or engineer such as those at


If you experience intermittent issues, occasional starter problems or lights faltering, then this could indicate an issue with the wires and connections. It is worth checking the connections, even giving them a wiggle, before going to purchase replacement parts. Automotive wiring looms can be subject to wear and tear and small issues are not necessarily expensive to repair.

Spark plugs

If your spark plugs come loose, then this will manifest itself in several ways. If the vehicle appears to lose drive during gear changes or behaves erratically when not in gear, then this could well be a problem with internal combustion. Problems of this nature are usually down to the spark plugs and cables. Again, a mechanic will quickly be able to diagnose these issues.

Of course, there are many problems that can occur with any complex electrical system. Some electrical problems are very simple to address, some are more expensive and require extensive garage work.

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