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Being self-employed and running your own business might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is extremely rewarding and liberating for many. If you have ideas but feel trapped as an employee with no prospect of promotion or a boss that just won’t listen to you, it can be soul destroying. Setting up on your own can be daunting but achieving greater independence and a better work life balance might just be the answer to your prayers. There are so many different industries in which people can work as self-employed such as plumbers, hair stylists, tutors, decorators and locksmiths. For a Belfast Locksmith, visit Here we take a look at some of the advantages of being self-employed:

  • Escaping the rat race, no more 9-5 and the daily commute. Being your own boss. These are the top reasons why self-employment can be awesome. You control how you work as the buck stops with you and there is nobody higher up breathing down your neck. As long as you get the job done for your client, how you get there is entirely your business.
  • Variety is the spice of life and when you’re self-employed, your job can change and evolve constantly so you’ll need to adapt, learn and update your skills regularly. For many employees, they are shown how to do their job and that’s it, no room for growth, just the same routine over and over.
  • When you’re self-employed you’re forced to problem solve and think on the spot. You have a daily need to be creative and hard-working and it’s a real buzz for some people to do something they feel passionately about and to do it independently.
  • Some folks enjoy the banter of a busy workplace or a bit of co-worker drama. For others, well, they could do without it frankly and the nice thing about being your own boss is that you don’t have to put up with those annoying colleagues that you were forced to spend way too much time with in the past.

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  • Need a sick day? Then take one. You know that when you don’t work, you don’t earn but that’s ok if you genuinely feel rough. Being self-employed makes most people work harder and you may even work when you’re not feeling great because it feels different when it’s something you want to do. There’s not so much motivation to drag yourself out of your sick bed when you’re an employee. Calling in sick is horrible too as we are made to feel guilty and need to prove ourselves with sick notes. Self-employed people can purchase health insurance and at least you get to pick your own coverage.
  • You can choose your own customers. When you were an employee you had to serve anyone and everyone because that was your job but now if you get yelled at, you chose the wrong client, so drop them and move on. You call the shots and you decide who you provide services to.

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