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5 Reasons Drugs and Alcohol Are Not The Answers

There are times when life feels overwhelming and one problem just seems to follow another.  While having a glass of whiskey after a hard days work may be okay every now and again, turning to alcohol or any other drug isn’t a solution.  Often times it may seem like the easiest way to forget about what’s happening or dull the pain, but in the end whatever the problem is, it will still be there.  Alcohol and drugs to not in any way provide constructive help in dealing with problems and they will often, in fact, only make the problem or problems exponentially worse.  Here’s just a few reasons that drugs and alcohol aren’t the answer to any problems. Read more »

Cure Back Pain

Back pain is considered to be a major problem for majority of the population. The cause for this problem differs with person. The nest remedy for this is known to be regular exercise which assists in strengthening the core muscles. But most of the people always neglect this fact and does not want to hear such solutions. They would always prefer to hear something easy to do such as chairs would probably cure them while watching television, drugs administered daily, bed rests and no exercises at all would be something pleasant to be heard by all. Read more »

Health in work environment

The work environment is increasingly at the center of the socio-political news (and more) unfortunately due to the increasingly frequent injuries, caused, in most cases, by the lack of basic safety standards or the correct application the same regulations. Read more »